monicawoe (monicawoe) wrote,

Perfect Animal - Part 1 (Gen, R)

word count: ~2200
characters: Sam, Dean, Alpha Vampire, the Campbells
summary: the alpha vampire said soulless-Sam would be "his perfect animal." He was.
(set during and after 6x07)

The alpha vampire's cage was empty.

"We take the thing's head off or it kills us all! You know that." Dean yelled at Samuel.

Gwen and Christian watched the exchange silently.

Dean turned to them, and then to Sam and said, "Okay. We split up. Clear every room. You get a shot, you take it. It's not gonna kill him, but dude will move a lot slower without any kneecaps." He turned to Samuel, adding," And if we make it through this, you, me, and Sam are having one hell of a family meeting."

They left the room as a group and started to search for the alpha-vampire. Dean and Gwen went one way, while Sam went with Christian and Samuel.

They searched every room, but couldn't find the vampire. "You think he ran out?" Christian asked. Then he made an odd, strangled noise as the alpha vampire grabbed him by the neck and twisted. There was a loud snapping sound and Christian fell to the floor.

The vampire flinched briefly when Samuel shot him four times in a row, but he walked on unimpressed, shoved Samuel backwards, and sent him flying.

Sam fought the alpha vampire, trying to get close enough to strike with his machete. The vampire moved far too quickly for Sam to see and pinned him against the wall with ease.

He smiled at Sam and said, softly, "The boy with no soul. I've got big plans for you. It's amazing how that pesky, little soul gets in the way. But not for you. You will be the perfect...animal." His fangs descended and he bit into his own wrist. He pushed Sam's head down onto the bleeding wound and held him there.

Sam struggled, but only for a few moments. The vampire's blood flooded his senses, and filled him with pleasure -- far more than he'd felt since he'd been torn from Hell. Distantly, he heard the vampire let out of grunt of pain, right before his wrist was pulled away. Sam's eyes flipped open and he saw Christian staring back at him with black eyes. The vampire collapsed to the floor, as Christian withdrew the empty syringe of dead man's blood.

Sam ran his tongue over his lips, tasting the vampire's intoxicating blood one more time. He felt the points of his new, razor-sharp teeth and lunged at Christian.

Demons were fast, but not as fast as what Sam had become. His fangs sunk through Christian's flesh and he drank deep. The demon struggled against him futilely.

The demon's blood was familiar and sent a rush of memories through Sam's mind. He remembered, distantly, feeling shame and disgust when he'd first tasted demon blood. He didn't feel that now -- he'd thought he couldn't feel anything beyond the most basic, primal needs, but the demon blood woke something in Sam -- something powerful, and ravenous. It mixed with the lingering euphoria from the vampire's blood and made Sam feel alive.

Christian's black eyes flickered weakly as Sam drained the last of his blood. Sam pulled back from him and smiled. Christian opened his mouth, and tried to say something, but Sam raised his hand and slowly made a fist. Christian's eyes lit up with dark yellow fire and then died out. He fell to the floor, empty.

Dean rounded the corner just in time to see Sam wipe Christian's blood from his mouth.

Sam crouched down next to the alpha vampire's body, and lifted his head up, carefully.

"Sam..." Dean said, and took a hesitant step towards his brother.

Sam lifted the vampire off the floor, and stood. Then he turned to Dean, shook his head and vanished.

Vampires couldn't teleport. Dean knew that Sam had just moved so quickly he hadn't seen him leave. He had no idea what direction he'd gone, and he had no idea what to do.


Sam carried the vampire far into the woods nearby. He moved easily through the dark forest, quicker than he'd ever thought possible. He could see, and hear, and smell everything around him.

Sam stopped by a river and placed the vampire on the cool, damp ground.

The vampire's eyes opened and he smiled at Sam, "You got us away from them. Well done, Sam."

"My family -- they'll track us down. We can't stay here." Sam said, and marveled at how strange his own voice sounded to him.

"You have a new family now, Sam. Our family. We are everywhere." He placed his hand on Sam's cheek. "We're all connected. Find your brothers and sisters and take us to them."

Sam's eyes fell closed and he saw. There were thin strands of light stretching out from him like a massive spiderweb. One strand, the brightest, ran from him to the vampire -- their Father. The rest reached out in every direction -- each one connected to another vampire. "South." Sam said.

Father nodded and let his hand fall back down, as Sam picked him up again.


Four miles south, in an old, abandoned hospital, Sam found more than two dozen vampires. When he walked in, they took one look at him, (at who he was carrying), and bowed their heads respectfully. Three of the vampires ran towards a door in the back and threw open the door. As soon as Sam walked through, they shut the door behind him.

They weren't the only ones in the room. Across from them, huddled together and terrified, were humans -- six of them. Sam set Father down on his feet. As soon as he did, one of the humans let out a loud, terrified cry of pain, and the other five started screaming. Father had his mouth clamped onto a woman's neck.

Sam watched him feed and felt his own hunger grow. As he watched three more of the humans being drained, he remembered the taste of Christian's blood, and had the odd thought that he'd prefer demon blood over untainted human.

Father turned back to Sam and smiled. "Help yourself, Sam. These other two are yours. Don't worry, there are plenty more."

The two remaining humans -- both male, both terrified -- had pushed themselves into the corner furthest away from Sam. Their skin parted under Sam's teeth easily. Their blood only made him want more. He looked at Father, confused.

"What's wrong Sam?" Father asked.

Sam shook his head, "I'm still thirsty."

Father nodded, and opened the door. They walked a few rooms down into another holding pen. Father watched Sam drained all three. "Better?"

"No." Sam said. "It doesn't -- something's missing." It was odd, being unable to sate such a basic need. Things had been so simple since he came back from the Cage -- all of his hungers were basic and easy to satisfy, but this...this was different.

Father stepped over one of the corpses on the floor and walked closer to Sam. "Back with the hunters...did you feed there?"

Sam nodded and felt his mouth water at the memory. "Christian. A demon was possessing him."

"Was this 'Christian' still alive when the demon possessed him -- when you drank from him?"

Sam smirked, "No. You snapped his neck."

"That's what I thought, and had no trouble drinking the blood of the dead."

"It isn't the first time." Sam said, "I drained plenty of demons before, back when I still had my soul. Not all of their hosts were alive at the time."

"Interesting." Father said, as he looked into Sam's eyes.

Sam looked back and felt like he was falling. He closed his eyes and shook his head, clearing his thoughts.

"That's...not possible." Father said. "None of my children can block me out."

"Is that what I did?"

"I only want to help you, Sam."

Sam nodded, "I know."

Father cocked his head to the side. His eyes widened slightly, and he said, "You were never really human to begin with, were you?"

Sam shrugged. "I was once, but a demon fed me his blood when I was a baby. I guess I've been different since then."

"Not just any demon either..." Father said. He stared into Sam's eyes. "One of the Fallen?"

"His name was Azazel."

"Azazel. Lucifer's general. I remember."

"You remember?"

"Yes. I remember Lucifer standing against the Host. He was so proud, and he was so angry." Father chuckled. "I see echoes of his grace in your eyes, Sam. You were his vessel."

Sam nodded, "I was. Then I jumped into his cage while he was inside of me and trapped him there."

"Trapped him along with the part of yourself you've outgrown..."


"Do you gain power from the demon's blood?"

Sam nodded, "Over them. I killed the demon in Christian with it."

Father shook his head, "Incredible." He brought his hand up and ran one long, sharp fingernail over the skin of his wrist, slitting his skin open. He held it up to Sam and said, "See if this helps."

Sam leaned down and drank deeply. Father's blood was much better than the humans'. The more he drank, the stronger he felt.

"That's enough, Sam." Father pulled Sam's head off of his wrist, and the skin of his arm healed in seconds.

Sam ran the back of his hand across his mouth and licked the last few drops off of his skin.

"How do you feel?"

Sam considered the question, and said, "Less thirsty."

Father laughed, and turned towards the door.

They walked back out into the main room -- once upon a time it had been a lobby, or even a waiting room. The vampires turned and looked from Father to Sam and back.

"Children," Father said, "We are at war. Not just with the humans...but with demons." He held up his hand and gestured to Sam. "Your new brother, Sam, helped me escape after the demons and their human pets poisoned me with dead blood."

The vampires watched Father move among them, fixated on his voice.

"Our objective remains the same. Turn as many as we can. However, we must also ensure that we have enough food. The lower floors here still have many empty rooms. Let's make sure they're all filled." He turned to Sam and added, "You're going to help make sure our food source is sustainable. Felicia and Alex will show you what we've built."


"What do you think?" Father asked Sam when he came back upstairs.

"It's a start, but it's inefficient. Even with just a fifty percent increase in our numbers, we'd need three times as many humans as we have."

"We will capture more."

Sam shook his head, "The real problem is how long it takes for a human to recover from that kind of blood loss. Five days minimum -- it's just too long."

"What do you suggest?"

"A human possessed by a demon can heal quickly. Damage like that could be healed in two days...less, if the demon's properly motivated."

Father smiled, " can motivate them?"

Sam nodded, "Give me two rooms of my own, help me fill them with demons to drink from, and I'll be very persuasive."

"Consider it done."


Two weeks later, Sam had everything he'd asked for and more. Three rooms designed to hold demons, and fifteen demon-possessed humans.

It had been an interesting experiment -- sending vampires to capture demons. They'd lost a few, but all in all, Sam mused, it had gone pretty well. He'd helped them make sacks covered with devil's traps, and branding irons shaped like binding links. Thanks to Christian's blood, the first two captures had gone so well they didn't even need any of their tools -- Sam was enough. On their third trip out though, they'd been outnumbered. Heavily. Sam ended up having to drain one of the demons they'd meant to capture, but it was well worth the loss.

He opened the door to room 66 (rooms 66, 64 and 62 were his), and flipped on the lights. Five sets of black eyes blinked at him.

"Sam Winchester." said one of the demons -- she was possessing a twenty-something woman with spiky brown hair and a nose ring. "We heard you got out."

"I told you he was helping them." snapped a demon next to her. He glared at Sam and added, "Lucifer's precious vessel -- playing house with vampires."

Sam walked closer to the angry demon.

"When he gets out again -- and he will, he'll find you. He'll throw you back into the Pit and then we'll get our turn tearing you apart." said the demon.

"Is that a fact?" Sam smirked, and grabbed the demon's chin. He leaned over the demon's throat, and inhaled deeply, smelling the sulfur-scent of its blood. He straightened again and looked the demon in the eyes. "Your god doesn't give two craps about you. He made you for one reason -- to piss off his dad."

"How the Hell would you know?" the demon snarled.

"Because I was your god -- and as far as you're concerned, I still am." Sam bared his fangs, and bit down.


Tags: dean, fic, sam, supernatural
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