monicawoe (monicawoe) wrote,

Birthday ficlet for samidha!

For the lovely fhionnuiscetine 

Inspired by this video (which holy shit! I've never even heard of this band or song, and WOW!):

The thing about Purgatory is it has a purpose. A very specific purpose.

It isn't a sentence, like Hell. It isn't a reward like Heaven. It's where monsters go when they die, and for them it's the only place they can be themselves-- literally.

Most monsters don't feel at home until they die. It isn't because they don't like living-- they do. It's because here, in Purgatory, they are what they are and they don't have to reconcile what they are with what they're told they should be-- or what they think they should be. There is no judgment. There is no persecution. There is no right and wrong, no good and evil. There is only nature in all its terrible beauty.

When the angel who would be King emptied Purgatory he didn't change its purpose. Nothing has that kind of power.

When the angel amuses himself by throwing two mostly human brothers into Purgatory while they're still alive, he doesn't understand what he's really done. How can he?

Purgatory is truth. Purgatory is freedom. Purgatory welcomes the brothers and lets them be what they are in their hearts. It strips away their masks and they scream with fear and they scream with euphoria as they see each other, as they see themselves, for the first time.

The brothers sit across from each other and wait. They've died before-- many, many times-- and they're always called back.

They've died many, many times before, and they always came back changed, they always came back missing pieces. This time though-- this time they haven't just changed, they've finally, finally understood. This time when they come back, they'll come back whole.
Tags: dean, fic, sam, supernatural
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