monicawoe (monicawoe) wrote,

Is It God Who Heals? (Gen, R)

Written for spnquotefic originally posted here
Prompt was
Walter: "You put your heart and soul into something, years of hard work. And then they take it, and they crap all over it! And then they want you to smile and say thank you."
word count: 176

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe Lucifer raised you?"

Raphael hears his own words echoing in his mind as he's blown to bits by Castiel. He hangs, suspended in time, hovering in between existence and the void and he is furious.

Castiel- naive, young,insignificant Castiel had succeeded in finding and draining Purgatory. It wasn't just that act that made Raphael's rage great enough to keep him tethered to reality was the arrogance, the presumption that this little pigeon knew what to do with that much power.

Raphael knew exactly what would happen next. He'd seen it before.

Castiel would demand obeisance, he'd go on a rampage- slaughtering all of Raphael's loyal soldiers. He would waste all of those millions of souls in a thousand tiny acts of vengeance.

Castiel was young, he was far too young to know what that kind of power was really for.

Raphael pulled what was left of himself, little more than a bundle of atoms, together and followed the call of his Brothers down, down, down.

Tags: commentfic, fic, spnquotefic, supernatural
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