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Theosis (Gen, R) - Masterpost

A huge thank you to the incredibly talentedquickreaver for this beautiful artwork!  

Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Meg, Eve, Raphael, Lucifer, Michael, Adam, Bobby, Missouri and numerous other demons & angels

Word Count
: 12,646 total

Warnings: blasphemy, blood, needles, panic room, rampant theological speculation, and violence

Thanks again to the fantastic prompt by rokhal that kicked off this whole 'verse:

"Someone -- Gordon Walker, Walt and Roy, the gang from Free 2B U & Me, whoever -- has it in for Sam. The kicker? They know enough -- about Sam's past, his powers, his *cough*cravings*cough* weaknesses, his HELL SEIZURES -- to put him through some seriously rough times, and bring the inhuman parts of him right up to the surface.

That's before Dean rescues Sam and shoots the crap out of his captors, of course. But by the time he arrives, Sam's already pretty messed up . . "

You can read the whole work here
over at AO3

Or here on LJ:

More sequence


Apotheosis sequence

Notes and Q&A

Tags: commentfic, fic, more, sam, spnquotefic, supernatural, theosis
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