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Here are all my fics, sorted by theme. All fics are gen unless otherwise noted. (Updated February 2014)


Sam w/ powers (so many I had to separate them into further subcategories):

(also featuring demon!Dean!)

written for spn_reversebang for an art-prompt by the ever-awesome Artist: quickreaver
This is an AU that begins during 4x16 'On the Head of a Pin' - opening dialogue is borrowed from that episode.
Sam killed Alistair, but not before Alistair reminded Dean of who and what he'd become in Hell. Dean knows Sam can take down Lilith, and he'll make damn sure Sam gets strong enough to do just that. They'll stop the Apocalypse -- together, no matter how many bodies stack up, or how much blood is spilt.
word count: ~ 11,000

Sam and Dean freed Lucifer and Michael from the Cage. Nobody knew why. Nobody knew how. The Winchesters had consumed the archangels, swallowed down their power and turned it into something terrifying and new.

and its prequel Brother's Blood

w/ Dean

(co-written with quickreaver)
What if Dean left Sam at Stanford after the fire, hoping it would keep his little brother safe and make things better? Somehow, 'better' never seems to be in the Winchester Family cards. Sam gets tangled up with his ex-roommate Brady, tracking psychics, but dealing with demons is never honest business. Dean carries on until his father is put in grave danger. He is left on his own to deal, stumbling into Harvelle's Roadhouse for help, where Dean gets just a little more than he bargained for. Eventually, the brothers’ paths twist and turn their way back to each other, but the results could mean the End of Days.

and its timestamp: Echoes Strung


Theosis (featuring art by quickreaver)

a collection of commentfics that turned into a verse, featuring yet more beautiful title-work by quickreaver
An AU set after 6x16. The hunters become the hunted, the tables are turned - Hell, Heaven, Purgatory and the power of souls..
word count: ~13,000

and its timestamp And Flightless Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest

The Devil's Heart
An AU set post 6x22, this was written for spn_summergen, for quickreaver
"I'm going to take you apart, molecule by molecule, and if you do put yourself back together, it'll be on my terms."


for the prompt: Sam has tried, and failed, to kill the new god.
When one weapon fails, it's time to upgrade and experiment. Since Dean won't have the stomach to do what it takes to save Earth from this new threat, Sam works in secret to discover, create, or become a weapon that will kill gods.
There are no limits. A hundred years in Hell has done wonders for Sam's sense of perspective.


Bliss in Emptiness (Sam/Ruby - NC17) featuring art by quickreaver
As a reward for her loyal service, Lucifer brings Ruby back from death. When Sam throws himself into the Cage, Ruby slows his fall — just enough to grab a hold of his body, but not his soul. Together, they hunt the ever-increasing monster population and uncover evidence that Crowley and Castiel might not be as antagonistic as they seem. As the situation unfolds, Eve's interest in Sam piques and she gives him a gift that changes the very essence of what he is.


written for the prompt:Killing a hellhound triggers Sam's dormant superpowers: mind reading, telekinesis... Dean freaks out because there are things Sam might find out.
This might just be the darkest version of Sam I've written to date.
and the sequel The King's Hound


For this awesome prompt, over at sammessiah
"Sam on demon blood learns to enjoy the "perks" of his powers and won't go to detox the way Dean wants him to. In fact he shows Dean that controlling demons is just the beginning .."
How 5x14 could have gone...


John Winchester is Dead
written for quickreaver's prompt over at the Something Wicked Horror Meme They say those Winchester boys're crazy. Drive around in a big black beast and drink too much and laugh about mean things. They say their daddy's worse, but you never see him. He's just a voice on the other end of the phone or a darker shape in the back seat of their dark car.
They say John Winchester died two years ago.


Little Blue House (Sam/Jess-NC17)
Jessica Moore is in Heaven, at least she thinks she is. But Sam isn't how she remembers him.

written for a prompt by de_nugis
Lucifer showed Sam the truth: they'd all been demons. His teacher. His prom date. His brother. Dean doesn't know yet that Sam knows.
(set in season 4 : an AU of how eps 4x21 and 4x22 might have turned out if things had gone a little differently. Opening dialogue borrowed from ep 4x21)


Perfect Animal
the alpha vampire said soulless-Sam would be "his perfect animal." He was.

The Two Ravens
Your brother he is and heir to my throne. He'll feed on the damned and he'll turn them to bone.

[Good powers!Sam]

Back in 2083 they'd tried to rid mankind of Demons-the humans altered irrevocably by Biotech—but some of them survived. Sam Winchester finds himself drawn to bio-mods, altering himself further and further until he's more Demon than human. Dean, meanwhile has allied himself with the Angels.

Written for the prompt: The breaking of the Wall let out a lot of things better left alone, memories not the greatest of them. Sam's powers come flooding back, more powerful and violent than ever, warped and twisted by his time in Hell. And with Satan vision playing on repeat overtop of everything he sees, he's having trouble discerning friend from foe, threat from civilian... and Lucifer used Dean's face a lot, in the Pit.

Heaven doesn't want us, Hell's afraid we'll take over
Written for the ohsam commentfic meme, for this prompt
The Winchesters just don’t seem able to die or stay dead, something perpetually special about them, beyond just being vessels. It’s a long time on (centuries maybe, though the boys don't age and the car doesn't rust) and the world’s much the same. There are still hunters, demons, angels, monsters, and the Winchesters. Their moral compass has become a bit skewed in that they still hunt and save people, but they aren’t willing to risk each other anymore. If Dean has to let Sam go again, like he did when he jumped into the Cage, in order to save the world, the world can fend for itself as far as he’s concerned. They're not evil though. They’re all that matters to one another, period. But, after all that time, Cage memories have irreparably altered Sam’s personality (think River from Firefly or a less evil Drusilla from Buffy) and his powers are permanently back. Dean’s fine with it all, his own hell and time having skewed the lines of his black and white world. All he wants is to take care of Sam and kill baddies.
Impala's Run (co-written with quickreaver)

Sam and Dean Singer (aka Winchester) aren’t your average young Kansas farmers. Their home is very, very far from Kansas, in fact. Many light-years worth of ‘far’. The boys may look human, but certain talents set them apart: Dean speaks the language of machines, and Sam can heal through manipulating energy. Hidden on Earth by their father, their agricultural lifestyle gets rocked when warring alien races discover where they’ve landed, and Sam and Dean are forced to make the run of their lives.


Saving people, fighting crime, the super-family business.

Three Days
written for the prompt: Start with the classic death/disappearance fic. Sam or Dean (I'll leave it up to you) dies sometime between the pilot and 3x01. The other brother angsts and searches or mourns or searches and mourns, but are unable to bring back the lost brother.
That's all preface. The meat of the story is AU Season 5. Somehow, everything else has been manipulated by demons/angels to bring Season 5 to the same starting point. (Remember, it always had to be Sam.)
Into this setting, seasons 1-2 Sam (or Dean) is brought back to life by Lucifer (or Michael). He is shocked by how his surviving brother has changed from the person he knew before dying/disappearing. He is also not at all prepared to deal with the raised stakes of an impending apocalypse and angels and/or Lucifer pressuring him to say "Yes".



another collection of commentfics that turned into a verse
an AU set after 6x11. The Wall was holding back more than just Sam's memories of Hell...

Devil Inside
a sharp_teeth fill. For this awesome prompt bya_phoenixdragon :
Lucifer is back in the Cage - everyone is so sure of it. Then why can Sam see and hear him where-ever he goes?

Diary of a Madman
Written for the prompt: schizophrenia
"Lydia doesn't know quite what to make of her new patient, Sam Winchester."
(featuring gorgeous art by the incredibly talented quickreaver )

Not With a Bang
Sam made Lucifer promise not to hurt Dean before saying yes. So Lucifer doesn’t. Dean is the only one left alive, and he’s not quite human anymore. Just him and Lucifer, and Lucifer always keeps his promises.

With Grace in Upswept Curve
written as a birthday ficlet for datenshiblue
Sam grows Lucifer's wings

[humorous powers!Sam]

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (featuring art by quickreaver)
sequel to The Devil’s in the Details
When Sam opened Lucifer’s Cage, the only thing he found inside was Lucifer’s grace – his grace. With the return of his grace, Sam remembered his past – his war against the Host, his Fall, and his plans to bring about the End.
The thing is…he doesn’t want the Apocalypse anymore. He likes things the way they are, and tries everything to keep his identity a secret- especially from Dean. Of course, the four Horsemen, Hell and Heaven have other ideas.


Sam receives job offers from various different beings and worlds, all interested in Lucifer's chosen vessel, now that he's opted out of that career path.

Letters of Resignation
Another sharp_teeth fill written for the prompt: Henchdemon POV: Dear Lucifer, please don't let your stupid Vessel FREAKING EAT ME!
(multiple demon POVs)

written for the ohsam Summer comment-fic meme
for de_nugis's prompt:
Getting all charged up for the Trials and then not discharging that energy by closing the gates of hell may not have been such a great idea. Sam's not sick any more, but his powers are back -- visions, telekinesis, other freaky stuff -- and he has no control over it and he's starting fires and hurting people. And then it gets worse and he's causing little cracks in the reality around him, cracks between earth and heaven and hell and purgatory and the fae realm.


fics by season:
[pre-series (weeChesters and Stanford era)]


Some demons were ready to follow Sam. Philip was one of them.
Shepherds in Their Field
The boys (Sam around four, Dean around 8) go to the Christmas pageant at Pastor Jim’s church and he explains the nativity to them. Dean is skeptical, Sammy is fascinated.


Hair of the Dog (Sam/Brady - R)
Sam & Brady have a little too much to drink and Sam wakes up with a killer headache. Luckily, Brady has a cure.

[Season 1]
Season 1
Thirteenth Child 'Neath the Thirteenth Moon
Sam and Dean track what appear to be werewolf killings through Southern New Jersey.

[Season 2]

Season 2
It Happened Like This
In Cold Oak, Dean held his dying brother in his arms. He screamed, he cried, and he whispered, "Please. I wish -- " (and in the dark, something heard him -- something ancient, powerful beyond measure and cruel) "I wish I'd never come to get Sammy at Stanford. I wish I'd just let him live his life." (something heard Dean, and it gave him his wish)

The Mercy of Thunder (featuring art by reapertownusa)
Sam is imprisoned and sentenced to death for crimes he didn't commit. As Dean tries frantically to help his brother, someone else frees Sam.

[Season 3]
Season 3

Automatic Reflex
Sam lifts a car.

Losing Count
It's been 35 days...

Noch Ein Bier, Bitte
In the Bavarian alps, an old friend of Bobby's needs help hunting down a heinous beast.

[Season 4]
Season 4

Missing scene from "Jump the Shark"

Optimist (Sam/Ruby)
Ruby is an optimist

Through Me You Go Ruby POV
She’d met Sam Winchester today. The Boy King. The man Lucifer had chosen above all others.

[Season 5]
Season 5

It's a Long Way Down
"The thing about falling, the thing that you really fear isn' the fall itself -- it's hitting the ground."

Kotov Syndrome
AU set after 4x22 - Sam and Dean are both whisked away from the chapel, but not together. Sam has set the Devil free, and believes Dean is dead. His mind shatters and he ends up in a psychiatric institute. Another patient named Nick arrives shortly thereafter.

Sam falls.

Most Likely To...
written for the prompt: Sam meets old friends from Stanford and they don't recognize him, what with him and Dean swooping in all huge and violent with guns and knives and arcane rituals to rescue them all from some horrifying eldritch creature.
And then his friends are all, "OMG! It's Psycho Sam who was a closet satanist and was wanted by the FBI!"
And Sam is very conspicuously injured, but he and Dean can't stop to patch him up because the eldritch creature is still trying to rip their throats out. And Sam's feelings are hurt because his old friends are scared of him now.


Oh Death, Come Close Mine Eyes
Written for the prompt: At the cemetery in Lawrence, Sam can't break through and stop Lucifer. Sam/Lucifer beats Dean mercilessly, and leaves him to die on the ground. As Dean dies, Michael comes to Dean and offers him one last chance to bring him back to life if he says 'yes' to him and battles his brother.

"You're bleeding."

Two Halves Made Whole
You can feel it, right?

For the prompt:Season 5 AU. The continuous influx of demon blood into his system completely unlocks Sam's full psychic potential, and his powers basically explode - visions, telekinesis, Andy's mind-control thing, demon manipulation (controlling and destroying). Getting them under control is not fun, especially after he and Dean go their separate ways.

[Season 6]
Season 6

Don't Worry
Sam doesn't want to worry Dean

Electric Sheep
What did soulless!Sam see when the Djinn poisoned him?

Good Night
Lucifer still speaks to Sam when he dreams

The Language of Angels
Sometimes Sam can't remember how to speak anything but Enochian

Sam remembers

We have a right to live

Sam remembers, he just can't put it into words.

The memories aren't the worst part.

written for the prompt: "Sam, post-hell, is always too hot and sweaty, not used to his body sans Lucifer, or Sam (at any time) is more prone to hypothermia because his regular temperature has to be maintained at a higher level than most people."

Throes of Perdition
In the Cage time moved differently.

Walking Shadow
written for the prompt: "In 6.11, soulless!Sam talks about his soul like it's another person, like that is Dean's brother instead of himself. What if that split is allowed to continue? What if that Sam (who has stated outright that he remembered hell) was trapped behind the wall with all the other hell memories? What if he starts scratching at the wall from the other side, trying to regain his life from resouled!Sam?"

What Are You?
The thing about Purgatory is it has a purpose.

[Season 7]
Season 7

Analyze This
Sam talks to a psychologist.

written for the prompt: Leviathan blood is bad for you. Really bad. Sam and Dean should be putting on surgical masks and protective goggles and covering any open wounds with several layers of duct tape before decapitating them, then showering with heavy duty detergents immediately afterward.
They've never taken these precautions, and now they, Bobby, and every hunter who ever put a hole in a Leviathan is exposed.
(Sam's reaction is, of course, unique.)


They keep each other human

Devil's Own
Lucifer is not a hallucination.

The Devil's Voice is Sweet to Hear
Sam saw Lucifer everywhere

written for the prompt: "heat"
If You Lead
Dean is injured by a Leviathan. Lucifer asks Sam a question.

In the Hall of the...24 Hour Supermarket
The boys investigate a case at a supermarket.

Lay This Body Anywhere
Written for the prompt: Post S7/Pre-S8: Sam finds out he can use his powers to bust Dean and Cas out of purgatory. He falls off the demon blood wagon. He tries to break them out, but it's a huuuuuge strain and he can only manage to grab Dean, and maybe the effort scrambles Sam's eggs a little, and he wasn't doing so hot with his magic mental health cure locked in Purgatory anyway. So basically, Dean comes back from Purgatory (in whatever state of wear you see fit) to a twitchy, hallucinating, migraine-plagued, babbling mess of a reluctant demon blood junkie. What little of a lucid Sam remains is convinced that he can rescue Cas too if he just has ONE MORE TRY.

There is No Spoon
written for rokhal for the prompt: "Season 7, post The Mentalists. Um, what was up with Sam's bent spoon? No, really. Who did that? Subconscious telekinesis is all it takes to turn hallucination into reality."
[Season 8]
Season 8

And if I Die Before I Wake
Written for this prompt by mangacrack over at the ohsam commentfic meme
Sam is sick, feverish and hanging somewhere between life and death. For Dean it's 'just a flu'. He can't see that Sam is
fighting off some kind of demonic infection. But when he hears Sam calling Lucifer to help him (when Lucifer does, in
a sweet and creepy way) Dean panics (and is ridden with guilt?).


Bones (featuring art by quickreaver)
The third trial (inspired by quickreaver's accompanying art)

Echo of a Silent Song
Season 8 but AU
There's a good reason Sam didn't look for Dean or Kevin: Sam has post traumatic amnesia and doesn't remember the last seven or eight years, he thinks it's 2005/06. He's spent the year trying to piece together what happened to all the people he remembers still being alive: His Dad, Jess, Bobby, Dean, Pastor Jim, etc and what happened during his 'missing years'. By the time Dean returns, Sam knows what happened to him during his missing years by reading his hunting journals, but the memories and details are missing.

If He Be Worthy
Sam really enjoyed wielding Mjölnir

Kind of Like Home
Sam & Dean settle down in the MoL bunker.

There's a Train
There's a train that only comes by once a year. Most people never even see it. Sarah Blake boarded it twice.

[Season 9]
Season 9

A Brother Injured in the Fall
There's a reason Ezekiel couldn't heal Sam.

Instinct (featuring art by quickreaver)
for  rokhal's prompt over at the ohsam Summer comment-fic meme:
After the trials, Sam doesn't get better. Kevin's theory is that it's cancer: the trials are supposed to purge him of all physical and spiritual impurities, so tuberculosis is out, and cancer is the only reason left for Sam to be coughing his lungs up when he's supposed to be the pinnacle of human perfection.

Instinct (Prophet of the Lord Remix) - Kevin POV (featuring art by quickreaver)
After the trials, Sam doesn't get better. Kevin's theory is that it's cancer: the trials are supposed to purge him of all physical and spiritual impurities, so tuberculosis is out, and cancer is the only reason left for Sam to be coughing his lungs up when he's supposed to be the pinnacle of human perfection.


After the Fire
Lucifer always kept his word, but he'd found a way to make Sam regret ever asking him to keep Dean safe.

Into the Burning Heart (Chuck POV)
written for boysinperil for the spnspringfling exchange
for the prompt: When I think of Heaven (deliver me in a black-winged bird)

The Last Days in the Land of Nod (multiple POVs)
written for the spnspringfling exchange. Set in the croat!verse - this is a glimpse at what happened during 2013

The Weather Outside (is Frightful)   Risa POV
They all had to do a shift at the lookout tower once a month — that’s just how it worked. But Risa's shift had definitely come up sooner in rotation than usual.

[other characters]
other characters:

We All Fall Down (John POV)
John Winchester made a deal to save Dean's life. When that deal is unexpectedly broken, John has to face the consequences. His family is torn apart, his own mind starts to crack, and the Apocalypse begins.
How Does That Make You Feel? (Chuck-centric, outsider POV)
Chuck goes to see a psychiatrist after his dreams take a disturbing new turn.
In the Cards (featuring art by quickreaver) -OC POV

Fate wasn’t hers to change. She was an oracle — there to tell them what the future held in store. Nothing more, nothing less. And people were so desperate to know, even though it changed nothing.

The Immortal Game
They're all just pawns, in the end.

Is it God Who Heals ?
Raphael considers

Pulling Wings (Lucifer & Michael in the Cage)
Lucifer questions Michael

Reconstruction (Castiel)
Castiel had been trapped in the room for days, or maybe weeks. He wasn't sure, because every day, after the Engineer finished tinkering, the air filled with smoke and his memory-circuits got scrambled. At least one of his wings was fixed. The other wasn't in such good shape.


[Hannibal/ Supernatural/ Captain America Movies]We Three Swords
A hunter, a profiler, and a soldier walk into a bar...
on LJ | on AO3

The Company of Wolves
Soulless Sam tracks down a pack of werewolves.
Jack and Will Graham track down Sam Winchester.
on LJ | on AO3

Marvel Cinematic Universe / Captain America

[MCU | Captain America fics (gen & steve/bucky)]How They Make You a Weapon (series)
on LJ | on AO3

side missions:
Control (1989)
on LJ | on AO3
Juneau (1994)
on LJ | on AO3
Siberia (1953)
on LJ | on AO3

How They Make You a Weapon (the comic)
on AO3 | on Tumblr
On the Ropes (27K, Steve/Bucky)
Part 1 - Steve takes a life-drawing class, Bucky is his model.
Part 2- After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Steve wants to enlist. He asks Bucky to teach him how to box.
on LJ | on AO3
All Our Yesterdays
Steve & Bucky ride the Cyclone at Coney Island
on LJ | on AO3
Bear Necessities
Natasha, Bucky and Steve find a bear in one of Hydra's abandoned bases.
on LJ | on AO3
raeve's Winter Cyborgs AU
see the ART here on Tumblr!
System Override
WS01 and WS02 experience malfunctions
on LJ | on AO3

[Preacher fics]
an alternate version of 'He Gone' where Jesse brings Eugene back from Hell.| 3,400 words | gen (Jesse, Cassidy, Eugene)
on AO3


an alternate version of- "The Possibilities" where Jesse goes with Tulip to kill Carlos. | 1,900 words | NC-17 (Tulip/Jesse)
on AO3

Heaven Sent Hell Away
DeBlanc isn't dead, he's in Hell. Together, he and Eugene find their way out. | 2,600 words | gen (DeBlanc/Fiore)
on AO3


The Caller You are Trying to Reach
The other end of that video-phone call ; )
on AO3

And It Was Good
Genesis POV through episode 7 of Preacher | 700 words | gen (Jesse, Genesis, DeBlanc/Fiore)
on AO3

and here's the whole list on tumblr, if you feel like reblogging over there
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Venom fic : Life Is A Honeymoon

Life Is a Honeymoon
 (846 words) by monicawoe

Fandom: Venom (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote
Additional Tags:  Angsty Schmoop, Cuddling & Snuggling, Post-Venom 2: Let there be Carnage, Protective Venom Symbiote (Marvel)

Summary: Eddie and Venom in bed at the hotel on the beach.

Missing scene ficlet set right before the mid-credits in Venom: Let There Be Carnage


“I like this room,” Venom said, swirling out next to Eddie until their heads were sharing the pillow.

Cards-ani (slow)

Oh God, You Devil - Lucifer (netflix)

Oh God, You Devil (12,966 words) by monicawoe

Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Lucifer (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar, Eve/Mazikeen
Characters: Lucifer Morningstar , Chloe Decker, Mazikeen, Eve , Amenadiel, Linda Martin, Charlie Martin, Lee, Ella Lopez
Additional Tags: Lucifer as God, Lucifer Plays the Piano, Post-Episode: s05e16 A Chance at a Happy Ending, Dragons

Summary: Lucifer is God now. It’s what he wanted, and with Chloe by his side, nothing can go wrong. Right?(set immediately post season five)

Final chapter has been posted!

Big thanks again to my beta [ profile] raeve <3
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Two fics (spn, shadow and bone)

I have posted two fics recently:

Here's my offering for this year's spnspringfling:

Between Hell and the Hunt
word-count: ~2k
characters: Sam, Dean, Lilith, Bobby
genre:gen, R
warnings/tags: gore, fae

summary: Dean's deal is due, but Sam has found a way to save him. He's made a deal with someone else - someone Lilith can't touch.


I recently watched Shadow and Bone and then immediately rewatched it and then I wrote this:

Into the Fold
word-count: 1,400 words
characters: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova, Ivan
genre: gen, R
warnings: blood and gore

summary: What happens to Aleksander in the Fold, and where he goes after.
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Give to You My Penance (Witcher fic)

title: Give to You My Penance

author:  [personal profile] monicawoe

word-count: ~5,300

characters: Geralt/Jaskier, Eskel

genre: M/M, Explicit

story summary: After the adventure with Borch, Téa and Véa, and Geralt's horrid dismissal, Jaskier is on his own—brooding and writing his new song. But it seems the witcher isn't quite done with him yet after all. Jaskier has longed to share Geralt’s saddle for so long, but won't—not until Geralt makes an apology. One grand enough to put all other apologies ever made in the history of man and witcher-kind to shame. 

Written for the 2021 Chocolate Box event for Zilentdreamer

Read it on AO3

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A New Life (Wandavision fic)

title: A New Life
author: [personal profile] monicawoe
word-count: ~800 words
characters: Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Pepper Potts
genre: gen, T
warnings: angst, absconding with your dead love's corpse
story summary: <spoiler>How Wanda brings Vision back. Based on what we saw in episode 5. Had to write this out before it gets overwritten by canon </spoiler>

"They have him," Pepper says, and her voice is soft, gentle as it can be. "SWORD."

"How?" It's the only word Wanda can manage. How could you let that happen? is what she actually means.

Read it on AO3
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Toy Story (Venom fic)

Title: Toy Story

Fandom: Venom (Movie 2018)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote
Characters: Eddie Brock | Venom, Anne Weying, Dan Lewis 
Additional Tags: canon compliant eating of heads, Puppets, Stuffed Toys, Theft, Mind Control, Protective Venom Symbiote (Marvel), Gender-Neutral Venom Symbiote (Marvel), humor
Summary: Venom and Eddie are out patrolling when they see Dan behaving strangely. They follow him back to a house where people are being held captive: their bodies used against their will while their minds are being stored in dolls.

Written for the 2020 Spook Me ficathon. Thanks to my beta @luckyraeve !

Read it here on AO3